Beer is the most natural thing in the world. You just add  water, malt, hops and yeast. The only other ingredients we add is our concern. The result is a bloody good beer, actually.


The expression “to be out and ride with his business idea” has in recent years taken on a whole new meaning, at least in Eva and Lars Nordlunds world. Imagine a married couple who sits on either 26-incher and after 120 meters decides to turn left. Not to take a short ride in Gästrikeleden forests, but to discover the world (and the trip to see if they can find something new to be engaged in after selling their previous activities.) Six months later, they are home again – after biking around in Norway, Iceland, Canada and Cuba. And in their panniers they have a business idea that will change both their lives and the small town Jädraås. They start a microbrewery! And they create the same moment a brand that would cause consumers to raise eyebrows and competitors to put the foam in his throuth – Jädraöl! What? Can a beer really be named like this in the moderated country Sweden? Yes, it is possible for themselves. If use is made ​​of selected ingredients and brew with care and handcrafted feel and the result is “a damn good beer, simply”.

The story of Jädraöl is a story of entrepreneurship, courage, passion, freedom, ingenuity, panniers, abrasions in the butt, determination, luck and a lot of hard work. The company was founded in March 2011, but the business idea was born just over a year earlier. On a bike!Or rather, on two bikes!

The couple Lars and Eva Nordlund, which is actually a dentist and a social worker, had many years of entrepreneurial behind. They ran a successful manufacturing and sales of massage tables in Hemmesdynge in the Skåne countryside. But they felt the urge and the energy began to fail, they both wanted to do something new! They sold the company and the virtue gave them the opportunity to buy an old property Jädraås in northern Gastrikland, with room for future activities. In addition, the economic opportunity to take time off for half a year. They wanted to be an explorer! Lars wanted to see the world from a kayak, but he was the most adventurous of the team, so it had to bikes instead.

A respective multi-speed velocipede with comfortable seat and sturdy panniers were purchased. The bags were filled and they swung himself up on the saddle and pedaled from his newly purchased home. After 120 meters, it was time to choose the path: right or left? They knew they wanted to see Iceland and Canada, but they had not bought any tickets so the world was still open to their whim. They turned left, towards Oslo according to the sign.

We should not follow every turn of the pedals on their journey, but eventually ended up in a cargo ship that took them to Quebec in Canada, where food and beer culture made a great impression on them. Now they additionally “landed” firmly and calmly sat in the saddles – no cell phones rang, no calendars with appointments, no musts – only free thoughts. And of course, the inspiration from many small micro-breweries in the Canadian countryside.

A rare fine day they came cycling along a dusty dirt road, and there was suddenly a sign with the strange word combination “Micro-brasserie + Massage Therapy”. The avid beer drinkers, former massagebänks-manufacturers saw it as a heaven tutorial and biked up along the small path up to the entrance to the Brasserie Brueghel. They stepped in and was greeted by the owner, a guy from Belgium who in diverse business activities including brewed beer in small, small scale. A very good beer moreover, that were sold only in Quebec. There and then, the idea that a brewery actually do not need to be so appallingly large. What if it could be enough to be local in their operations?

After a few days continued cycling holiday and Lars and Eve ended up eventually in Cuba. But despite the sharp roll in both climate as culture, they were still influenced by the handcrafted beer from Brasserie Brueghel (talk about beer!) Of inspiration intoxication persisted all the way back to Sweden, and once they returned to Jädraås grew the tantalizing  plan. With Google’s help, they found a brewery technician school in Ludvika. A solid education of 1.5 years. Hmm … which one of them would be the “makers”? After a round of “rock, paper, scissors” it was clear that Eva would have to put her in the classroom. In retrospect, one can well say that it was luck, because while Eva was studying sat Lars started to build a brewery. And who knows, Lars knows that he is both tricky and cunning – a real OppfinnarJocke, actually. He started to rebuild a cooler to a mash vessel, and with a 20-liter pot-purchased at a flea market was brewed the first own beer.

The first drops really made you wanting more. Eva now continued her studies with even greater zeal and Lars built on the brewery with new, larger images to the eyes. 20-liter saucepan replaced with used tanks for milk from the dairy Milko, bottling table built by an old height adjustable massage table and slowly but surely grew a fully functioning brewery forward. At the same time they began making visits to other breweries, read everything they came over and talk to anyone who knew anything about brewing business – and, of course, continue to experiment with developing recipes for really good beer.

The rumor about the new operation in the Jädraås began to spread, and a request from the president of the neighboring Wij Gardens – “Can not you develop a “garden beer” to our restaurant for the summer” – gave big boost. Spring 2011 was launched Jädraöl Garden Pilsner in the wonderful gardens in Ockelbo. Additionally opened Jädraöl a small display brewery in Wijs old potato barn, where summertime offer tastings and sales of beer in the popular six-pack of wood. And the same year began a collaboration with Mackmyra Whisky, which today serves Jädraöl in its popular restaurant.

Today Jädraöl proof that you can make small-scale blockbuster. The response has been fantastic – in the village, in the region and across the country actually. Jädraöls products gets great criticism of beer tasters and bloggers. They are available from stock on the local system companies in Ockelbo, Sandviken, Valbo, Gävle och Bollnäs and available on demand at Systembolaget across the country. A number of renowned restaurants around Sweden has chosen to take in Jädraöl on its drinks menu, and also have Lars and Eve received the prestigious assignment to develop their own beers for among others NK in Stockholm, Högbobruk Hotels and Jädraås Herrgård.

Not bad of a dentist and a social worker who was riding his bicycle.


How is Jädraöl? There is not one answer to that question, simply because Jädraöl not a beer.
Jädraöl is a keen idea on selected raw materials, handcrafted pieces and a consideration of the malt bought in to the cap is put on the bottle. So even if the taste is different, each to be able to say that the result is “a damn good beer.”

Below is a brief description of the varieties of Jädraöl you just today can be ordered at Systembolaget, or purchase beer in selected stores.But remember: you should not believe everything you read. It is best to taste for yourself!

GARDEN PILSNER : A light and easy to drink stock whose floral aromas lead the taste buds to the Swedish summer and Czech brewing.Dim golden yellow in color, with aromas of malt and grass. The summer feel, as Ledin sings, be brief, but the taste experience of a Jädraöl Garden Pilsner sitting in a long time. Item of systembolaget: 89653
LIGHT LAGER 5.0% by volume. (Also available as beer 3.5% vol.)

KING KONG : An American Pale Ale (APA) with really great bitterness – almost as big as the monkey that has given Beer its name. In the glass, the beverage is amber, topped by a golden-yellow foam. The small, fine bubbles make it easy to drink and you ask yourself soon to pour another glass. Item of systembolaget: 89359

AMERICAN PALE ALE 6.5% by volume. (Also available as beer, 3.5% vol.)

JIPA : An India Pale Ale with a round, well balanced hop flavor and distinct bitterness. You find lemon and grapefruit, both in smell and taste, and the clear color of amber. But why on earth called the Jipa? Easy; IPA India Pale Ale, J Jädra good beer. Item of systembolaget: 88046
INDIA PALE ALE 6.5% by volume.

VETEFAN : A wheat beer with fresh aromas of citrus and clove and lovely aromas of cereals, honey and wheat. The color is pale yellow and slightly turbid and the many, large bubbles give a white, pure foam. If it’s American, Belgian or German in style? The Vetefan! Item of systembolaget: 89528
WHEAT BEER 5 vol%. (Also available as beer, 3.5% vol.)

LIGHT IN THE DARKNESS : A really dark and full-bodied ale with sweet notes and flavors of licorice, tar and malt. With aromas of chocolate and caramel and a brown foam that quickly adds itself as a protective cover over the tasty brew. In short: A really dark beer that lights up your world. Item of systembolaget: 89305

STRONG PORTER 7 volume%.

SVENNE : A little darker layers of rich, aromatic character and hints of caramel. The rich flavor is complemented by aromas of malt and caramel and malt roasting gives a wonderfully dark golden amber color. In short a stock you like to have in stock. Item of systembolaget: 88336

DARK LAGER 5.5 volume%. Available only on order range.

SELLSKAPSÖL : A powerful hopped and florid sällskapsöl with flavors of citrus and other spices. A nice beer to drink with good friends.Item of systembolaget: 88898

AMERICAN PALE ALE 6.8% by volume

back200Drink – FUN TO GIVE AWAY

Perfect as give away or for a beer tasting at home. Jädraöl is always a damn good beer, brewed with craftsmanship and care. This hand-worked pack gives you the chance to try six of our varieties: Brunte, Garden Pilsner, Vetefan, Jipa, A light in the darkness and King Kong. We hope they leave you wanting more.


Here you will find all contact channels to Jädraöl.

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816 91 Jädraås

tel: +46 705679810
email: post@jadraol.se